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Right by the Caribbean ocean was where I met Niloo. And very shortly after we first met I felt something melt away and dissolve inside of me. And a wave of joy washed over me. Her classes brings a sensation of coming home, you know when you relax and everything falls into place. Her way of teaching is thorough in the sense that she explains very clearly how to do certain things and why. And this is very helpful to me, to know the reason behind our postures. I cam see Niloo being very good to new students as well as advanced ones. Because with her loving sense of humor your heart opens and you give your everything to the moment. To sing together with Niloo feels like an honest balm that shoots out from the center of your heart and transforms into whats needed. Essentially, her way of teaching makes yoga feel like the most natural thing on earth. So I am deeply grateful for the yoga classes I have had the opportunity to share with her. So take your chance if you can!


Niloo’s classes are always warmly presented and fun!  Which I love!!!  You think you’re just enjoying yourself until the next day when you realize you’ve worked the deeper parts of your body that haven’t moved in years, if ever!  🙂  I highly recommend her classes!!!

—Duane Neillson

My harmonium healing time with Niloo is Sacred.  I feel completely relaxed and supported by her loving, spiritual touch. I have not stopped telling those I know how amazing my sessions are with her.  Her touch, followed by the sacred sounds of healing music, is life-changing, healing and transformational.

—Natalie Ford