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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Journal | 0 comments

On Thinking, Feeling and Being

I can totally sit down and analyze something to death. I have that capability. We all do. And what I learned in my journey, that I just finally got, is that if our thoughts dictate our life, then what we think about is really, really important. Every thought is accentuated, and the universe picks up on it.

So, guess what? If you are thinking about negative things in your life, “I don’t have this. I don’t have that…” All the things that you don’t have, all the things that you want to change that you keep thinking about…. the universe is bringing more of that into your life. So when we analyze, we don’t analyze the good stuff, do we? We pick out something that doesn’t work in our life…whatever it is— those annoying things my mom says, the list of things my boyfriend doesn’t do….and then we give energy to those subjects.

I know that the therapists always say, “Let’s talk about this! What isn’t working in your life?” Then you talk about it week after week for hours. Then you go home and talk about it with your friends. Guess what you are doing? You are just making it bigger and bigger and bigger.

I finally realized that it was my responsibility to bring the energy of what is good— what I want —into my life. So when I go into the place of, “ugh, I really don’t want this anymore…” then I say to myself, “okay, so what do you want Niloo?” So then I go into that thought, the vision and I give it energy. I start really seeing it, tasting it, feeling it and smelling it. It is an exercise in faith. It goes back to mastering the mind. Instead of the mind being your master, you get your mind to be your server.

Then you can temper that indecisiveness, where there is wavering and you don’t know exactly how you feel. The practice helps you get to the point where you just know. Yes, we all have a duality—and the mind really can take over. So we must give the mind some things to do. With the wonderful combination of meditation, chanting and postures, we not only open the heart and strengthen the naval — which is where our core power is —and open the throat chakra, so that we can speak our truth— and enhance our third eye, place of intuition, so that its always guiding us. We get to strengthen the entire chakra line, which puts us into our power. Of course, when we step out of our path —it is kind of like falling off of a horse — we brush off and get right back on!

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