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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Featured, Journal | 0 comments

Live in your Power!

Never give away the power you have inside of you. If you always maintain that power, no matter the phase you are going through, you will always be fine. It’s when you give your power to another person, thing, society, situation, or to anything outside of yourself for that matter, that you run into a problem…

Keep going back to your feelings and ask “how does this feel for me? Does this feel good? See how your body feels. If your body is like, “yeaaaaaaah,” then alright, let’s do it, move forward! You know? But if at some point you check in with yourself and its like, “that doesn’t feel good,” then you don’t even need to know why. As soon as it doesn’t feel good, you know that you have given away your power.

Are you doing this for something outside of yourself? It is a moment-to-moment question to ask; check in with yourself constantly. “How does it feel for me right now?” As soon as it says no, your body will tell you. You’ll get that strange feeling in your stomach, or all of the sudden your neck will go stiff—the body knows. Find your power within & become very familiar with it. You’re in the moment. You’re in tune with yourself. You’re not waiting for someone to give you approval or disapproval—because you are the source.

Ultimately, you have to be able to get in touch with you and say “what works for me?” Forget about the society, your parents, your friends, therapists, books… they can give you their perspective and their wisdom, their opinions, but it comes back to you finding your own personal formula. One that only you may know about by living your truth.

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