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Movement & Mantra Class

Join me Every Wednesday morning from 10:00-11:00 am at my home studio near Westwood for a fun, invigorating, and heart opening class!!!!

When we look at children and even babies, we can easily see that they naturally move & sing with music…..anywhere, anytime! But as we grow older, unfortunately we loose that natural instinct!

I put this class together specifically for that reason: to move our bodies ,which releases stress, to sing( chanting mantras that have specific effects on the brain) and to do it together, while we are having fun!!!! This class is a energizing movement/dance & singing/chant class followed by a short guided meditation/relaxation.

I look forward to see you ♥
much love….

Spaces are limited, please fill out the form below to sign up for the following week’s class. Once you have signed up, I will send you address and details.

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I would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and I will get in touch with you shortly.