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About Niloo

Niloo in MalibuMy yogic exploration began at the age of 18 with the study of several modalities and yoga and meditation techniques, ultimately leading me to Kundalini yoga, which became a passion as well as the foundation of my work.

Yoga has been an integral part of my path towards transformational healing after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and a slew of other maladies in 1998. Continually making conscious choices that enhanced my lifestyle and vitality, I have been fortunate to enter into an ongoing practice that has led me to thriving health that unites on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. My classes are all about awareness, compassion, authenticity, empowerment, individuality, self-love, having a sense of humor, having fun and creating a place where my clients get to know and heal themselves in a safe environment.

What I teach is so much more than yoga. By threading together lessons from life’s experiences and my deep curiosity for learning about the mind, body, and spirit, my own practice of yoga has become ever-growing and ever-present in my life—not just within the glow of the yoga studio. The commitment to self-healing is a vital part of life’s unpredictable journey. I would be honored to help guide you along that journey to self-discovery, no matter where you are along your path.

KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Certified Y.O.G.A. For Youth Teacher
Certified Kundalini Kriya Teacher
Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher